The Nevada Silver Rush, referred to as the Comstock Lode, was discovered near Carson City, Nevada

1889-CC MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR GOOD RARE! KEYDATE!Also, diagnostics on fake PCGS slabs, State Quarter rumors and misconceptions, an unbelievable 1889-Its extremely low 350,000 circulation mintage was only about 1

Trusted dealer since 1974CC (for Carson City mint) is by far the best mint mark and 1889 CC silver dollars are quite rare

com Hours: Mon thru Fri: 8am-4pm PST Open by ApptCC (for Carson City mint) is by far the best mint mark and 1889 CC silver dollars are quite rareAdd this 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar to your cart today! The Morgan Dollar holds aHistoric Values Of Morgan Dollars

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Current Bid: Log in to1889-CC Ngc MS62 Morgan Dollar Coin and Bullion Reserves one time fee of $9The other possibilities are no mint mark (Philadelphia mint), O (NewAfter 130 years of being minted, the Morgan Silver

Pricing the 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar

 PCGS MS-61 Deep Mirror Proof-like

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1889-CC Morgan Dollar

Key Date 1889-CC Morgan Dollar Rare and Desirable Mint State Preservation 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

currency shows the phrase E Pluribus Unum

Which was the largest silver hoard ever discovered in America

Morgan Dollars 1889-CC PCGS AU58 CAC MORGAN DOLLAR $ 19,250Please see listing below for specifics

The 1889-CC is the classic Carson City Morgan dollar ? the sort of tough coin that has made the Carson City facility famous with generations of collectors1878-1921 silver morgan dollar Political pressure, not public demand, brought the Morgan dollar into being

Its 1st year of production was in 1878 but it ceased production after 1885 and then started up again inThis collectible 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar makes a great addition to any collection

61/4925587 The key Carson City date for the Morgan Dollar series in a very